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About us


Auto Export company deals with sales of transport machinery manufactured by European, Turkish and Russian suppliers, on the territory of the Russian Federation. A wide range of suppliers allows us to provide an advantageous offer in almost any price range. Auto Export company is the official representative of OZNURSAN LTD.STI .. and Gurlesenyil Grup Treyler Makina Imalat Ithalat Ihracat Nakliyat Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi companies in Russia.

Nursan Gurlesenyil Grup Treyler
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By the end of 2012, OZNURSAN LTD.STI .. company had been recognized as one of the largest industrial companies - exporters of equipment. The owner of the company, Mr. Ahmet TOPRAKKALE received a certificate from the Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. RECEP TAYIP ERDOGAN, while during 2012 Russia became a major market for OZNURSAN LTD.STI .. company.

Following the results of 2012, Auto Export company became the largest supplier of OZNURSAN LTD.STI .. in Russia. To confirm this, our company has received a certificate.

Сертификат Сертификат

By the end of 2012, the company "Auto Export" had become the largest supplier of the Gurlesenyil Grup Treyler Makina Imalat Ithalat Ihracat Nakliyat Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi production to Russia. In support of this, Auto Export company got the Best Customer Certificate by the results of 2012.


The main lines of the company's product range are:

1. Containers for transporting bulk materials
- non-food construction materials: cement (cement trucks), lime, silica sand, components for building mixtures, etc .;
- tanks for transporting food flour, animal feed, grain, sugar, coffee, etc .;
- reactive bulk materials

2. Containers for liquids:
- Petroleum products (petrol tankers, bitumen carriers, fuel oil carriers, oil tankers);
- Food: water, dairy products, etc.

3. Platforms for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo: trailers, low-platform loaders. From 2 to 8 axes, capacity up to 250 tons, with front and rear mount, telescopic extension, "drip pan" and flat grounds.

4. Trailed buses
- container carriers
- side and tilt platforms
- waste carriers
- car carriers
- tipper trailers

Our advantages

After contacting Auto Export company you will get:

  1. Careful attention from our staff. Our managers will not only just receive your order, but also consult you about any questions, help you in your choice and provide all necessary information. Any inquiry of our customers is important to us, and we take a responsible attitude to every wish.
  2. Individual approach – we think that careful attention is not limited to simple courtesy. We offer different discounts (including large discounts), depending on certain conditions, which you can check with our managers.
  3. Quality of products. Together with manufacturers, our company guarantees quality and long-term operational reliability, both during the warranty period specified in the contract of equipment delivery, and in the after-warranty period. We have the customers who have been operating their semi-trailers for several years, because they are properly maintained. Unlike most suppliers, in case of necessity we, together with the manufacturers, fulfill our warranty: in case of dispute, we send the manufacturer representatives, in case of warranty repair, we organize the maintenance teams, it is also possible to arrange repair services in the Russian service areas certified by the manufacturing plants, as well as to provide the agreed repair services directly at the sites of equipment operation.
  4. A wide range of products. Due to the fact that we supply products from different vendors in Europe, Turkey and Russia, you can pick what you need in almost any price range.
  5. Products in stock. You will not have to wait long for a delivery, since a large number of products is already available and is just waiting for your order.
  6. Low prices. This is definitely one of our main advantages, compared to our competitors. After all, it has been known to everyone who has experience in operating such equipment that good Turkish automotive equipment is the best option for the ratio of PRICE-PERFORMANCE-OPERATION COSTS.


Our company provides a full range of service, as well as warranty and post warranty service of semi-trailers.

As part of the warranty period, in accordance with the contract, we perform repair or replacement of parts and pieces of equipment, which are out of order due to the fault of the manufacturer. We also carry out repairs using original spare parts from the warehouse of the company.

Auto Export company provides a manufacturer guarantee in terms of quality of goods and reliability of its operation for the 1 year period (apart from consumable materials), from the date of signing the Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer. The manufacturer warranty for a compressor is 6 months from the date of signing the Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of the Goods. The warranty for welding connections of the semi-trailer is up to 2 years from the date of signing the Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of the Goods.

In case of failure, the Buyer together with the Seller shall comprise an Act stating that the case is covered by the warranty. According to the mentioned signed Act, the parties agree on components delivery, as well as on the place and costs of repairs.

The warranty period is valid upon the Buyer’s strict implementation of the Operations Manual requirements and reasonable operating conditions of the automotive equipment. In case of defects and damage caused by the user due to violation of technological regimes and Manual conditions, or other fault of the user, the costs of the repairs will remain the Buyer's responsibility.

The Seller's warranty does not cover the wear parts (tires, lights, brake pads, brake discs, safety blocks, fuel and lubricants, filters, shock absorbers).

Our Customer Service helps its clients in all matters related to the operation and maintenance. It carries out the repair of semi-trailers, purchased from our Company or those being already in operation. We supply the necessary parts, replace the old ones, tune and adjust.

To make a request for spare parts, repair and equipment diagnostic for semi-trailers, you can apply for the address on the main page. On receiving this application, our specialists will contact you.

Any changes in the systems settings, as well as alterations or self-made repairs will lead to the void of the warranty.

Cooperating with us, you get a reliable partner for comfortable and profitable business relations.

You get an opportunity to develop.

Kind regards,
Pavel Volkov,
Director of Auto Export company
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website: www.avtoexport63.ru