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Auto Export company is ready to lease equipment to you. To do this, we are ready to cooperate with the leasing company you choose, you can also choose a leasing company among our partners with whom we have already been working. Our partners and the benefits of equipment leasing are listed below.

Europlan ВЭБ лизинг Сименс финанс
Втб24лизинг Ресо лизинг Каркаде лизинг
Солерсфинанс Россельхозбанк Югорская лизинговая компания
Вектор лизинг Интерлизинг Элемент лизинг
Балтиский лизинг

Leasing is better than rent, installment or credit.

Leasing is very similar to rent, but with the following difference - after the end of the lease term, the ownership for the vehicle will be transferred to your company. You do not just pay for using the vehicle during a rent period, but you redeem it in your property!

Leasing is the same as hire purchase, but in this case funding is provided for a long period of time, allowing you not to freeze your current assets. You get long-term installments and use your current assets for your business development!

Leasing is the same as a bank loan, but with your full cost repayment, not only in the amount of depreciation as for the credit. You get a long-term financing with tax benefits!

Leasing combines the advantages of rent, installments and credit, being the easiest and the most profitable way to purchase vehicles!

The tax advantages of leasing

  • Regardless of the fact to which balance is the lease subject referred to, the lessee charges to expenses the full amount of the lease payments paid under the lease agreement.
  • The mechanism of accelerated depreciation used for leasing, allows the company to reduce the base-balance for calculating a property tax.
  • The above-mentioned tax advantages enable the enterprises to use the savings for their production development, rather than for tax payment.
  • Leasing is not only an attractive investment tool, but it also allows you to take advantage of up-to-day tax benefits that the Russian government gives to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Please contact our manager on customer relations with Europlan for more information about the tax benefits of leasing.